Thursday, December 16, 2010

Felt Slippers (now with pictures)

I was very tempted to try knitting slippers for christmas presents, but thought of it too late, and thought better of it. Instead, I'm making felted slippers from old sweaters. I haven't finished, so let's hope they work!
Here's how I'm doing it:
Step 1:
Buy sweaters. I went to Goodwill, and found two very nice cardigans, a red one from the gap, and a grey yoked one from old navy. Choose 100% wool sweaters, it's okay if they have holes in them, or whatever, as long as it's not in a place that you will be using. A cute fair isle pattern or something is nice. You could probably buy wool pants or a wool skirt as well, but they would be a thinner fabric most likely, and therefore you would need to buy soles or something to make them last longer.
Step 2:
Cut off anything that isn't wool: buttons, tags, zippers, etc. You could even deconstruct the sweater at this point, but I didn't bother.
Step 3:
Felt. I put them in a Hot/Cold permanent press cycle with some jeans first and detergent first, but they didn't felt much. Putting them in a hot dryer with jeans didn't do much either. I washed them again on hot/cold on the regular cycle with just a bit of detergent, and two old towels and my crocs. Felted up almost perfectly, so I put them in the dryer on a knits cycle. I had to empty the lint trap about three times though. Crazy piles of lint.
This is how they look after step 3:

Step 4:
Make a pattern. I traced my foot on a piece of paper, and cut it out. I'm not sure what people's feet sizes are, but I'm hoping that if I cut one a little big and one a bit small, it will work. Now I have to decide what I want the top of the slipper to look like: Do i want sides, or just a plain pocket style? how many thicknesses? do I want to incorporate any of the features of the sweater into the slipper? 
Step 5: cut out. eek! You'll want several soles, and one or two tops for each slipper. how many depends on how cold the recipients house might be, or how thick the felt is. you don't want a super stiff upper, but you don't want the sole to wear through the first winter either.
I did deconstruct the sweaters at this point, so they would lay flat.

The felted sweaters will not ravel, but will be harder to cut through. I cut out three thicknesses of sole:

and one thickness of the top. I would've liked one more upper thickness, but there wasn't any extra. For the second pair,  I was hoping to make use of the yoke design. being a raglan-type sweater, there are four shoulder seams, instead of two, so it will be impossible to cut an upper that doesn't have a seam. I've just had to center the upper between two seams. I think it will be fine.

Step 6: Sew together. I used some yarn to baste the sole layers together so they wouldn't stretch while I sewed them together. Then I used doubled thread and blanket stitch, to sew the slippers together. Then I sewed the upper to the sole, also using the blanket stitch. For the red slippers, I folded over the ribbed edge and sewed a button (taken from the original cardigan) on the outer edge of each slipper. For the grey ones, I folded over the edge as well, but no button.
Finished pictures:
And they loved them! and showed them off to everyone!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas Crafts Everywhere: or, what I did on my vacation

The cookies were okay. everybody told me they were good, but they didn't seem sweet and chewy enough to me. It doesn't help that I don't really like eating sweets, because even though I've got a good idea in my head of how I want those cookies to taste, it doesn't meant I want to make a whole bunch, or even necessarily taste them when they come out of the oven. I'm probably just going to use that AG recipe, but cut down on the baking time, because they were really hard. Maybe flavor the icing with orange. we'll see. They were cute, at the very least.

I'm taking my vacation this week, and I'm trying to get as much done as possible while I can, because this wedding is coming fast, and christmas is right after.
We bought our christmas tree yesterday. I can't tell if it's too early or not, but I was so excited I don't want to wait. We lit and decorated it too, and now it's smelling up the place like crazy. :) I can't find the tin of ornament hooks though, so we only hung the ones that still had in hooks from last year. It's still plenty decorated though! maybe we should stop buying ornaments for a while.
I also wrapped most of my christmas presents that I've bought so far. It's just so much easier than keeping them hidden away somewhere. (I keep a box of gift wrapping/mailing gear under the couch all year round. I've got bubble wrap, smaller pieces of wrapping paper, tape, scissors, tags and envelopes. The box of tissue, and the rolls of wrapping paper are kept elsewhere though)
I've of course put up our beloved advent calendar. So far, the manger, cow and chicken are up. I can never remember what order I put them in the pockets the year before, so it's always a fun surprise!
Things I need to work on now:
-finish buying christmas presents for mark.
-make a popcorn/cranberry garland to put on the porch.
-make the sashes for all us bridesmaids.
-finish already started ornaments
-start any ornaments I want to give as presents for Baker family gift swap
-eat more pie
-maybe start working on the programs for the wedding, if I get some info from deena on what she wants on there.
-keep knitting hand warmers for tony
-start knitting stuff for me

There's probably a whole bunch of other things, but that's a start!

Monday, November 22, 2010

christmas cookies #1

For deena's wedding, we'll be farming out most of the food duties to people. A couple of people make some pots of soup, a couple of people each bring a batch of cookies, etc.
I'll be making the cakes, carrot soup, and some sort of spice cookies. Deena wanted Speculatius, which are crisp store-bought spicy cookies shaped like windmills. we can't find any here that aren't chocolate covered, or have almonds in them, or that just plain don't taste right. So, I'll be trying to find some sort of gingerbread-cookie type thing that will fill the gap. I know there are plenty of speculatius recipes out there, but I'd rather not pretend that I'm going for the real thing. I'm just going to look for something full of spices, and soft and molassesy, and then use these lovely cookie cutters that Mark's mother bought me. Maybe a little bit of white icing piped on in cute designs
I'm going to try a few recipes out before the big day, just to make sure I end up with the perfect taste. First up: Ginger Cookies, from Kirsten's Cookbook.

I probably haven't cracked open this book since 1997, and I know I only made these cookies once, because my parents had to import molasses from Egypt, and brown sugar was a thing of dreams. I'm kind of excited.

You'll notice the emblem on the back of the book that shows that this was published back when the  American Girls were owned by a lovely little company called "Pleasant Company", started by a lady named Pleasant T. Rowling. There were only 4 dolls when I first got mine: Felicity, Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly, while Addy, and then Josephine were added a year or two later. They cost 82 dollars. A few years later it was sold to Mattel, and they changed the brand to the American Girl Company. I've never been sure how I feel about that.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Ornaments

A few years ago when I was home for Christmas, I was helping my mother pack up the ornaments, and she was letting me pick some ornaments to take with me, and I found that one of my favorite ornaments was really coming apart. It was made of a detergent scoop that had a bit of fake snow and a glitter lake glued on the bottom, as well as some pipe-cleaner trees. A tiny wooden skater and snowman  enjoyed the space quite comfortably, but detergent scoops aren't meant to last twenty years, so I took the poor skater and snowman home with me to wait a new detergent scoop.

Well, it turns out American detergent is liquid, so I just tied a thread around each while I waited for something better. Well, they have lovely little paper-mache ornaments at Paper Source, for a dollar fifty, so I've picked one up, and by Christmas they should have a  lovely new lake to skate on.

We'll see how it goes!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Good Idea # 37

My mom started a few basil plants this summer in her garden, and when I went to visit a few weeks ago, they had become giant bushes, and since there was a danger of frost that night, I took home a huge container of leaves.
I've already got lots of pesto made up in my ice-cube trays, but I didn't have room for more, so I reused my jelly jars. They're lined with sandwich baggies, so that once they freeze, I can take the jars back, and use the jars again for other things. It is important that they are jelly jars, because they have the wide mouths, otherwise you won't be able to remove the pesto easily.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

halloween projects

So if you hadn't guess it from the previous post, mark is thinking of doing something life-aquatic-ey for halloween, and so I've made up these shoes for him to wear. We haven't pinned down the rest of the outfit, but we'll see what we can do.

This is the finished product:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

A little hint

About my newest project:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

We've been here two years...

... And we're finally putting up some art. We borrowed the mat cutter from mark's parents, and bought some frames at Ikea and Goodwill, and luckily we had plenty of leftover mat boards from school. Mark's been cutting up a storm in our living room for two days, and we're finally getting somewhere. I am nervous about hanging real frames, since the pushpins we were using before don't seem so permanent. I'm so afraid of wrecking the walls, and it looking terrible. Oh wait, we already did that with the bike racks. I guess we're safe then.

I baked the first pie of the season tonight, and am eating a bowl of lentil soup (amy's organics, not homemade.) So many nice cozy nesting feelings. It's definitely beginning to be fall here.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

And on to today

The last post got you caught up on what we did this summer, but this is what I've done today. Now I'm onto the bedroom. This is the least beautified of all our rooms. We didn't paint it when we moved in, and it just always seems overwhelmingly blah in there to me. when you lie on the bed, all you can see is white. The bedroom is where we hide a lot of our messes.

-We moved the old TV in there, on the sewing machine treadle table. This is used mostly as a place to put our jeans and other clothes we plan on using more than once. We also have a pile of pillows and other bedding that I don't know what to do with. there's no other place to put it, and we use all of it. It doesn't stack well, and when you pull one thing out, or try to put something back in, it all falls over itself. We also have various pieces of shelving. I consolidated it to all, as well as the MDF and particleboard, behind the closet door. We keep the red bike in here too. Nothing we can do about that. The bookshelf in the bedroom has also been rearranged several times, and now is probably at it's best, although it doesn't look it.

-We have a bit of art on the walls in here, but it doesn't seem to brighten it up at all. We've got kelsey's artichoke painting over mark's side table, my flower crown form my wedding over my side table. I've got the recently finished sihouettes over the bed, and an old poster for the New York Central System on one wall.

-There is alot of art projects scattered all over the bedroom, mixed in with shelving, rockband equipment, cds, etc. I'm trying to consolidate it. Along with that, there are several stacks of music and video games in here. Since most of the art and cds aren't mine, there's only so much I can do, But I can at least pile it all together. I have gone through my old cds tonight, throwing away anything I don't need, duplicates, etc. I've got quite a few cds that are just pictures from a long time ago. I was going to save all these onto the Pluginbaby, but I couldn't find the power cord (despite all the attempts at cord wrangling I did earlier the summer), so for now they've been put in chronological order in one of my cd wallets. The other wallet now holds most mixes I've made or been given. There's a stack of burned music that I will probably never listen to again, but I spent one night in college drawing some really interesting pictures on each album, as I prepared to take them with me on a trip. I really like them, but it's all on my computer, and I don't have any cases for any of it, so I really just need to get rid of it.

-I put all of Peter's music in chronological order, and all my music that's still got a case. these all fit in a shoe box, along with the mixes wallet. They're on the shelf next to all the mailing stuff. I need to probably find a better place for it, but mark doesn't really want to put any of our music besides the records on display, so we'll see.

-I've started to try to see what I can do with mark's cds, but I know he won't want me to do anything with it. He has a huge cd wallet that he's been putting a lot of his games and DVDs lately, so I'm hoping most of this goes there too.

-We have a big shelving unit that mark used to have in his room at home, I'm thinking of putting up in the corner near the window, which will hopefully take care of some of our camping gear, tools, and art. Let's see if I can put it together by myself!

New Ideas

I've been using this blog mostly to encourage myslef to keep up with housework, and also to complain about my life. I've been recently reading lots of home-renovation/decoration blogs, and although we don't have a house to fix up (oh, how I wish!) we have been doing some major organization this summer, and I want to start to document some of the things that we do to make our lives a little easier, and prettier. Maybe some random crafts too, and of course recipes and other bits and bobs to make myself feel better about housework.

Most of the organization that happened this summer was to move my craft piles into a dresser (a red three-drawer from ikea). we moved the red craft table back into the dining room, which until then had been being used in the way a garage might for most people.

-We bought mark a new desk, because the one he had, while free, was not really useful in most of the senses of the word. new desk was moved to the corner behind the couch, where my crafts had been which means when it gets messy, it is less intrusive into the rest of the room.

-We bought two trunnks at mark's grandad's estate sale. we moved the legos into them, and got rid of the huge bins we had the legos in.

-We went through our closets and filled at least four large boxes with stuff to take to goodwill. We then rearranged our remaining clothes to better fit the space we had, which cleared a lot of stuff out of the hall closet, which is our only real place for storage.

-We also cleaned out a lot of our kitchen stuff and gave them to goodwill which gave us more.

-We went through our DVD collection and sold anything we didn't think we needed anymore. since the majority are mark's, the final say was his, as is the money afterwards. But now we can buy more better movies!

-Did the same thing with books. We still have a box of some of mark's stuff in the closet, but for the most part, everything we have, we want, and is easily accessible at a moment's notice. This freed up more closet space, and also makes things just look a little more organized.

-Got a new record player, (this didn't really make our house more organized, but it is prettier, and works better so it's still an improvement worth noting) So now we're gradually moving our albums from one side of the living room to the other, where the new player sits. Eventually we'll find a good table for it, hopefully with some sort of album storage, but for now it's on the floor. It still looks better than the desk that used ot be in that corner.

-In the search for a table, we found a lovely mid-century modern danish-ish chair. it actually looks exactly like two my parents own. it's lovely and gives us a bit more seating options for when Sterling and Tony come over to play games or watch movies. I'm thinking of reupholstering it, because the cushions, while in good shape, are sort of a grey-brown faux-suede leathery look, which feels nice but sort of icks me out. The color is okay though.

-I went through all my art. It was taking a whole wall in the dining room, and something needed to be done about it. Luckily, most of it was organized still from when we moved here, but there was plenty to recycle. lots of old class sketches on newsprint; projects that I didn't care enough about to do a good job, etc. I also sorted out all the unused canvasses, and pieced of MDF and particle board, and have stored them in the bedroom. these we use for projects, to protect the carpet, etc.

-Mark a has a thing where he keeps the box from anything new he buys. His dad does it too. This clutters up the dining room pretty quickly, but it is a pretty good way to keep all the information on one item together. We got rid of all the boxes hanging around, and put the receipts and warranties, etc. in the box we keep in the bedroom closet. It has all the warranties, instructions, extra screws, etc. from just about every appliance and piece of furniture we've gotten since we've moved in here. It isn't really organized in any way, but it is really helpful anyway.

-We put up thick curtains. they are light blue, so they let light in in the middle of the day, but they keep heat out. We are west facing, with no trees, so during the summer our living room gets super overheated really quickly in the afternoons. The curtains also look a lot nicer than the shades (which we left up). We also bought lightweight white curtains to hang behind them but didn't buy a second rod to hang them on, so we're still figuring that part out.

-We used the small (ikea) shelves that I had used for craft supplies previously to store games and toys. I also keep my sewing machine on top of them, and the iron. We bought some (ikea) baskets that just happen to fit into them pretty easily. This is where we put small games that we play more frequently. board games go on the shelf in the bedroom. Felt food also goes here :)

-We took down the gigantic prints of mark's food photos. I needed to put my thread organizer on the wall, and they really took up the whole thing. Mark gave me free reign over the walls in that room, so I dug out my Mucha prints that mommy and daddy bought me, a painting mark did for my birthday, and the cd album art from Thom Yorke's The Erase. Mark doesn't like Radiohead at all, but really likes the album art on this one, so we now have it on cd and vinyl. 

-We bought a few cheap frames at ikea, and I have one with a picture of my mom reading a book (alfie's feet) to me when I was really little. this one is on the red table. We also framed the skeleton print that Matt gave us, but haven't hung it yet. We have some prints of a church that he gave us, but haven't framed or hung them. Other art to be framed: two Scott C. prints, and a print that we bought this summer as a benefit to help clean up the oil spill. We aren't sure yet where to hang any of this, and need to cut mats first. We bought a bunch of frames at goodwill, and they need to be sanded and painted, and then we can use them for these and other art. We've borrowed the mat cutter from mark's parent's but haven't gotten around to using it yet.

-We've also been rearranging the kitchen. I took down all my tea/coffee paraphernalia and ceramics, and wrapped up anything I don't really use right now, and threw away and goodwilled a lot more. The rest was returned to the cupboard. We bought new really big glasses (at ikea) and some more medium ones as well. The big ones are really great. The ceramics are out of the way in the closet, as well as some other stuff we didn't need out right now, like the third teapot, and most of my demi tasses.

-We have two ikea spice racks on the wall next to our stove, and I filled  up anything that was getting low, and consolidated anything that I could. I washed all the jars that were emptied, and filled them with anything that was in bags. Put it all back in the cupboard in such a way that I can see everything. Much nicer.

-moved all the Nalgenes into the pantry, as well as all the empty canning jars. I put the dish drainer under the sink, since we rarely use it, adn it just gets used as a catch-all. this cleared up room to move appliance over to that side of the sink, so now I've got the kettle and blender there. The huge cutting board also fits perfectly here. Because the tea kettle is now right next to the mugs and tea cups, I put some of the tea onto that counter, and the small tea accessories into a bowl next to it. Most of the tea is still on the floor of the pantry, but there's really too much of it for anywhere else.

That's the basics to get caught up to where I am today. It seems like we did more that that, but I think that throwing out and giving to goodwill really did the most work.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall is so inspiring!

it's 66 degrees outside, and i've put some music on, and I'm baking the potatoes that mommy gave me.
I did a load of dishes, rearranged my beans, and I'm eating a yogurt. I'll work on the spices next. maybe clean up the counters some more. maybe put away the dish rack? rearrange the spices?
All I want to do is listen to christmas music, and wrap christmas presents.

ETA: I rearranged and consolidated the spices, rearranged everything on the countertops and the bar. I have a little tea-making corner now too!

Monday, May 3, 2010


We've been eating out a lot lately. I thought it would bother me more than it does, because we're eating mostly healthy stuff, so we don't feel gross. It's been really nice not to feel like I have to do the dishes all the time. I don't have to worry about buying groceries, and I don't have to worry as much about all our groceries going bad before we eat them. cooking shopping, and eating is SO stressful for me. I feel like even when I make things I think mark will like, they're still not good enough, and then I feel selfish, because maybe I wasn't trying hard enough, and maybe all I care about is myself. then I feel like a wasteful person when it all goes bad in the fridge (although the compost helps with that). It's cut down on so much stress between mark and I, because there's no way to eat at home every meal, and have him satisfied. I can't make burgers or chicken fingers or pollo al chipotle every day of the week. if 'eating at home' means eating hot dogs or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, then is it really worth it?
I know we can't afford it, and we'll have to go back to cooking again soon, but oh goodness, I'm not sure if I'm ready to deal with it yet.

This is a huge part of the reason I'm not pushing the baby issue. they're so much more stress and work, and if I can barely take care of myself, should I be taking care of someone else?

I want this whole place to sparkle, I want to have a clean bright kitchen, but it's not going to be bright even if it's clean, so it always feels dirty everywhere in this house.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

planted cucumbers, garlic, squash, tomatoes (heirloom!), peppers (cayenne & poblano?) marigolds and green beans yesterday. I just hope the wind doesn't kill them.
also planted some african violets in mary's garden, and weeded her back yard a bit.
two potatoes came up, no sign from the raspberries or strawberries yet though.
my hands ached all yesterday, especially left hand. hopefully just the weather. feel very old though. probably should stop cracking my knuckles.
the dogwoods were blooming.
mark had seconds of my strawberry pie. didn't have any more today though. mine was delicious, so i don't mind eating the rest of it. :)
saw christy sunday, talked a lot about babies.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

got hte house nice and clean,
had a nice short visit with mommy (too short :( it makes me so sad she doesn't get to spend as long here anymore)
feeling good about tomorrow, and all the planting we'll get to do, and maybe shabby sheep too!
i forgot to eat dinner, but maybe we can do something fun when mark comes home, to celebrate finally having a day off.

Monday, March 22, 2010

kelsey is getting married.
we got a new tv. it is nice and big.
i beat the 2mil challenge on katamari.
it snowed two days ago, and i really want to garden, but i've just been so much busier this year. it just makes me sad, because i know that even the little bit of time that I will get to spend gardening won't matter, because it won't be enough, and everything will do badly, because I'm not there to take care of it every day.
it is so hard not to be able to garden. really, right now, it feels like that is the only thing i want to do, ever, for the rest of my life. i've begun thinking about career options that would support this ability, but i'm not sure, because i know eventually i will just be a stay-at-home mom and get to have a garden in my back yard, and then i will be happy. getting to that backyard is the issue.
i don't know what to do with my compost heap, if i should let it take up room in my garden, or if i should ask to be allowed to put it somewhere else.

so far in the garden i've got mint, onions, and blackberries.
sprouting, i've got basil, chamomile, zucchini, green beans, marigolds, and in pots i've got chives, parsley, more basil, rosemary and something else i can't remember. some assorted flowers.
i want to also do: peppers, hot and/or green, cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, and garlic. possibly more onions around the edge, if there's not enough garlic? and maybe some poppies just because i love them so much.

Monday, February 22, 2010

yesterday I
emptied the dishwasher
made dinner
did a load of laundry

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Yesterday I made chicken pot pie
(frozen peas,corn,carrots, two chicken thighs in pieces, less than 1/2 recipe of the white sauce for macaroni and cheese, one can of cream of mushroom soup in 13x9 pan, one recipe of mommy's fast biscuits, rolled out thin on top, 350 for 20ish minutes, till barely golden. so yummy!)

and cupcakes
and did a load of dishes

and in katamari i got those two stars that I couldn't find,
and beat two levels of coop on my own
but still can't get 2000000kms. need to play through more coop?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


not too weird, so that mark will eat them

ground beef,
green pepper
taco seasoning
one tomato diced
half a can of corn
can of whole black beans

whole wheat tortillas

grated cheese

two cans of chili
one can of rotel
1/2 c salsa

brown ground beef with onion, mix in other stuff, until soft

put a bit of your sauce on the bottom of the 15x10 pan, fill each tortilla with ground beef, and a bit of cheese roll up and put face down in pan. If you have leftover innards, mix them in with your sauce. pour sauce over enchiladas, cover with cheese, bake at 350 for 20 or so minutes.

The chili is to make mark eat them, because that's how his mom makes it, the veggies are to make me bother making it. next time, we'll see what happens if i make a real sauce, but mark doesn't trust me to make up recipes that I haven't tried yet. start with the basics, when he likes that, change it gradually to be healthy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

today it was snowing when we got up! and sticking!
work closed early so i didn't go in, instead i went on a walk, and then to the grocery store.
i baked sweet potatoes, and made a modified green bean casserole too.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

today i didn't do much at all because my back hurts.
but i did take pictures of the baby hat and posted them

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

put away clean dishes
swept and mopped kitchen
washed kitchen rug and blue blanket and mittens
finished hat
spent time with mommy

Monday, February 8, 2010

cleaned the house
super rearranged the 'dining' room
did a load of dishes
made pretty bad pancakes

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I've sold both sets of handwarmers, feels good. when i have some extra time i might make some more to sell.
yesterday we unlocked at least 10 trophies :) but didn't get much done other than finishing the baby hat. now i just have to add tassles

Today I cleaned the kitchen pretty well:
did a load of dishes, and washed out the pot from the olive meal washed too.
cleaned out old stuff from the fridge, rinsed out the containers, wiped down the floor of the fridge.

made cauliflower soup (or something) from leftover cauliflower, leftover broth, with hand mixer. so easy!

mashed sweet potatoes(they are too sweet, they taste weird)

cleaned out and rearranged the pantry. looks much less cluttered. need to do some baking!

took a shower and shaved
cleaned the mildew and scum from the shower tiles and bathtub.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

I finished the hand warmers a few day sago
yesterday we made pizza and did two loads of laundry
today mark was sick and i took care of him

Sunday, January 24, 2010

yesterday I started on hand warmers
cut mark's hair

today i've taken out the trash
cleaned up the kitchen somewhat
cooked pasta
I bought chicken at CM (no hormones! or whatever) (even though the guy at the counter was mean to me. i would have cried, if i were a crier)
I finished hand warmer #1
I unlocked 2 trophies, and finished off two locations!
I got to talk to mommy

Saturday, January 23, 2010

yesterday and today i:

hung out with sarah!
Put together my new compost heap

today I am going to look at yarn (even though i possibly have what i'm looking for.)
and take care of zeke

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

yesterday i made macaroni and cheese

today i did a load of laundry and a load of dishes
i made a batch of biscuits and gravy, and washed some dishes by hand.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

yesterday and today i:

did a load of laundry and folded most of one
tried to make orange syrup
bagged up the minestrone into the freezer
unlocked lots of things on little big planet
made a fabulous sandwhich

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Today I:

Took a shower
Did 2 loads of laundry
and dried one, hung one up.
did a load of dishes
(mark put them away and did one more)
made minestrone
swept the bathroom and kitchen