Sunday, October 10, 2010

And on to today

The last post got you caught up on what we did this summer, but this is what I've done today. Now I'm onto the bedroom. This is the least beautified of all our rooms. We didn't paint it when we moved in, and it just always seems overwhelmingly blah in there to me. when you lie on the bed, all you can see is white. The bedroom is where we hide a lot of our messes.

-We moved the old TV in there, on the sewing machine treadle table. This is used mostly as a place to put our jeans and other clothes we plan on using more than once. We also have a pile of pillows and other bedding that I don't know what to do with. there's no other place to put it, and we use all of it. It doesn't stack well, and when you pull one thing out, or try to put something back in, it all falls over itself. We also have various pieces of shelving. I consolidated it to all, as well as the MDF and particleboard, behind the closet door. We keep the red bike in here too. Nothing we can do about that. The bookshelf in the bedroom has also been rearranged several times, and now is probably at it's best, although it doesn't look it.

-We have a bit of art on the walls in here, but it doesn't seem to brighten it up at all. We've got kelsey's artichoke painting over mark's side table, my flower crown form my wedding over my side table. I've got the recently finished sihouettes over the bed, and an old poster for the New York Central System on one wall.

-There is alot of art projects scattered all over the bedroom, mixed in with shelving, rockband equipment, cds, etc. I'm trying to consolidate it. Along with that, there are several stacks of music and video games in here. Since most of the art and cds aren't mine, there's only so much I can do, But I can at least pile it all together. I have gone through my old cds tonight, throwing away anything I don't need, duplicates, etc. I've got quite a few cds that are just pictures from a long time ago. I was going to save all these onto the Pluginbaby, but I couldn't find the power cord (despite all the attempts at cord wrangling I did earlier the summer), so for now they've been put in chronological order in one of my cd wallets. The other wallet now holds most mixes I've made or been given. There's a stack of burned music that I will probably never listen to again, but I spent one night in college drawing some really interesting pictures on each album, as I prepared to take them with me on a trip. I really like them, but it's all on my computer, and I don't have any cases for any of it, so I really just need to get rid of it.

-I put all of Peter's music in chronological order, and all my music that's still got a case. these all fit in a shoe box, along with the mixes wallet. They're on the shelf next to all the mailing stuff. I need to probably find a better place for it, but mark doesn't really want to put any of our music besides the records on display, so we'll see.

-I've started to try to see what I can do with mark's cds, but I know he won't want me to do anything with it. He has a huge cd wallet that he's been putting a lot of his games and DVDs lately, so I'm hoping most of this goes there too.

-We have a big shelving unit that mark used to have in his room at home, I'm thinking of putting up in the corner near the window, which will hopefully take care of some of our camping gear, tools, and art. Let's see if I can put it together by myself!

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