Tuesday, May 27, 2008

last class day till july 7th, today.
which means i actually have to get work done now without anybody breathing down my neck, and telling me my ideas are bad every other day. now i just have to get work done, and hope for the best. it's a weird feeling. i'm used to things drawing out forever and ever.
also there were a ton of fireflies outside tonight. i haven't seen that many fireflies in my life, so to see that many was amazing.
christy is coming on friday, and she's going to bring my wedding dress! yay fun!
and i'm going to paint a picture of her!
and deena's coming through next weekend, (just a stop on her way to chicago, so i'm not expecting to have an exciting time or anything)
but this summer is definitely underway, in a major way. soon i'll be off to chicago myself, and then i'll be in class again (political science, ugh), and then... i'll be graduating... and getting married. wow. partly, it feels like there's just a bunch of hurdles to jump through till i can get through to that warm fuzzy place of being done with it all (this place is located in estes park, colorado, just in case you were wondering), but partly, i feel like it's all coming at me really quickly, and this is going to be a whirlwind summer.
every week counts now, and every weekend.

so now, i need to start making my time meaningful. i will start by watching "firefly" and knitting socks. that counts right? it's better than digg, at least!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

so i've been meaning to get one of these for a while. i keep reading more and more interesting blogs about knitting and planting and wedding, and ... living, and i kept wanting to be a part of it.
if you want to know what i've been doing previously, go read over here.
and no, i won't be using capital letters.

some current projects i'll most likely be writing about:
-my garden. it's amazing and i love it.
-my knitting. currently trying out my first pair of socks (not including that mess in home ec).
-i'm getting married! in august. yay! so lots of planning, etc.