Tuesday, October 26, 2010

halloween projects

So if you hadn't guess it from the previous post, mark is thinking of doing something life-aquatic-ey for halloween, and so I've made up these shoes for him to wear. We haven't pinned down the rest of the outfit, but we'll see what we can do.

This is the finished product:

Although you can find lots of information on the web on how to make much more expensive, accurate replicas of the zissou adidas, mark had this white pair of converse that he's maybe worn once. He didn't want them ruined (just in case!), so I've used Elmer's glue to hold everything together. It should wash out when we're done with them. Unfortunately, it doesn't hold the felt on very well.

I used pinking shears to cut ribbons of felt the width I wanted, and then trimmed them to size. I made a paper template from mark's sambas of the back piece, and then adjusted it to fit the converse. This took a few tries. Glued it on and held it in place to dry with binder clips and regular old tape.

The stripes I taped in place, using the Sambas as a guide, again, and then glued them on. I kept the tape on until I was fairly sure it was dry.
The yellow shoelaces we got at a place in the mall called Journeys, for $3.50. The felt we already had. I'm really happy with the outcome, and if they were mine, I'd wear them like this all year round!

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