Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Yesterday was our first day of work. It was actually really fun and exciting, and it went really well. My feet still hurt from standing for so long, but I was expecting that.

I finally got my name changed officially today! i'm still waiting for my new SS card, until i can change my drivers license, passport, get a joint bank account... ugh. i have my work cut out for me.

today we went to michael's and bought stuff to make an autumn wreath. we also priced christmas trees, and ornaments! being a 'family' is fun. we never even thought about getting a tree the past few years, even though I was living in a big house. Now that I'm in a tiny apartment, I'mm really excited about having a proper christmas.

I'm not the sort to go overboard with kitschy cutsey dustcatcher decorations, but i want to have a little christmas tree, at least our first christmas. I was fine with not having one at home growing up so many years, and i thought it was pretty neat that my mom made a christmas mural when we were really little and couldn't get one. (which I think I might inherit?) but this year, I really want a tree.