Saturday, October 23, 2010

We've been here two years...

... And we're finally putting up some art. We borrowed the mat cutter from mark's parents, and bought some frames at Ikea and Goodwill, and luckily we had plenty of leftover mat boards from school. Mark's been cutting up a storm in our living room for two days, and we're finally getting somewhere. I am nervous about hanging real frames, since the pushpins we were using before don't seem so permanent. I'm so afraid of wrecking the walls, and it looking terrible. Oh wait, we already did that with the bike racks. I guess we're safe then.

I baked the first pie of the season tonight, and am eating a bowl of lentil soup (amy's organics, not homemade.) So many nice cozy nesting feelings. It's definitely beginning to be fall here.

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