Saturday, February 6, 2010

I've sold both sets of handwarmers, feels good. when i have some extra time i might make some more to sell.
yesterday we unlocked at least 10 trophies :) but didn't get much done other than finishing the baby hat. now i just have to add tassles

Today I cleaned the kitchen pretty well:
did a load of dishes, and washed out the pot from the olive meal washed too.
cleaned out old stuff from the fridge, rinsed out the containers, wiped down the floor of the fridge.

made cauliflower soup (or something) from leftover cauliflower, leftover broth, with hand mixer. so easy!

mashed sweet potatoes(they are too sweet, they taste weird)

cleaned out and rearranged the pantry. looks much less cluttered. need to do some baking!

took a shower and shaved
cleaned the mildew and scum from the shower tiles and bathtub.

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