Tuesday, July 22, 2008

twenty days till i get married
just over two weeks, and i can't wait. everything about what is happening after august 11th is filled with good feelings and relief and happiness, and i can't wait. sleeping in the same bed, in our new apartment, being in dallas, not being in commerce, whatever new job i have, hopefully at borders. camping on the way to colorado. being in colorado instead of texas. settling down and being together, instead of apart, forever. moving all of our fun new (and old) things into our pretty yellow and blue apartment.

everything during the next two weeks, however, i am a little more worried about, or just in general not having as much fun with. going to class. being cold in class, not taking good notes in class, going to work, being at work for too long, looking up obscure records while trying not to fall asleep (maria callas, joan sutherland, and pavarotti would haunt my dreams), being away from mark, seeing mark with alot of other people around. not knowing what to tell people to do during the week while i'm busy with school. packing, cleaning, living with people other than mark, having more and more people around.

but also i'm excited about the things coming up. some of them just because of what they represent, but also because i hope they will be fun too: painting our apartment, hanging out with mommy and daddy, having christy here, going to letourneau together, graduating, moving stuff into our apartment, setting things up for the wedding, seeing friends, even if just for a little bit. i'm so glad i'm finally graduating.

and i really hope i get a good job.

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