Wednesday, July 2, 2008

i'm done with the paintings, i think. (not that it matters, because it's too late to do anything about it.) i'm eating brie and whole grain bread, and drinking my secret stash of elderflower drink, to celebrate (and alleviate). i'm doing laundry, i've unpacked, am ready to repack, and am thinking 75% positively about this weekend, and deena living with me for a month.
and the washer's making a weird noise.
i accidnetally took an hour long nap this afternoon, so i'm surprised i have time to sit a breathe before vaughn comes over. i'm surprised i'm able to force myself to eat something.
i still need to clean my room: as in, my art stuff has taken over and is eating everything, and i need it to be fit to have someone sleep on the floor comfortably. probably even take apart and pack my easel. showering would be good, and making sure my laundry gets done, so i can have things to wear this weekend, and into the next weeks.
i'm looking foward to being married. it will be nice. nice to be around mark, without anybody else, which is not likely to happen for a while. nice to be able to eat with someone else, to eat at all. to have someone around ever, who is such a positive influence in so many ways. to have my own kitchen, refrigerator especially. to have my own bathroom that people aren't stealing TP from. seriously guys.
the wedding, we'll work on that. but being married, i can't wait.

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