Monday, June 16, 2008

we made all our invitations yesterday. they're really pretty, and it wasn't as much work as we thought it would be. we simplified some of our first ideas, so that helped. i'm trying to figure out if it's okay to hand them out to people at rebecca's and peter's weddings next week. i don't want to make people who aren't getting them to feel bad, or anything. but it would save so much on postage!
and i'm supposed to be painting. and it's not going very quickly. i think i pretty much finished christy's, unless i have some sort of epiphany while i'm out there next week.
next is a self portrait.
then hopefully while in chicago i'll do a picture of mark. maybe just watercolors or charcoals, or something else that won't ruin clothes/apartments, etc, and that won't take up lots of space in suitcases.
i'm really excited for these weddings, but i'm not so sure, also. it might be really emotional for me, being with mommy and daddy for a few days, and then being with peter and angela and kelsey and all for a few days, and everything with everybody changing. it might be weird, or it might just be hard. or i might not feel any difference at all.

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