Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Apartment

We'll be taking a trip to Austin on the 15th to sign the lease (yes, it is during SXSW, not they wouldn't let us do it by fax. Yes, it will suck).

Since we'll be getting our keys that day, I figure we might as well bring a load down in the truck while we're at it. I just haven't figured out what yet. There's the obvious: Christmas decorations and books and other things we won't be needing, but I'm also wondering about what would be helpful to have while we're there. We've got an extra mattress pad and some extra pillows, I think I could spare two towels and some shampoo and conditioner. I think we'll bring down two living room chairs, and maybe some cleaning supplies. Rags, sponges, hand soap. Maybe some paper plates and napkins. (I have a bunch that Mommy left at my house after Christmas) Maybe a lamp? And some toilet paper.

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