Monday, September 8, 2008

trying to find a job: not fun.
i want the job at the museum, i think.
i want a full time job so i can get good insurance.
i have an interview at michael's tonight.
i don't know much about these things, getting jobs, and what not, but i don't feel like it's going well. i want to look through a catalogue, pick what i want, be told yes or no promptly, and then move on to my next best. none of this wait-a-week-and-call-back stuff, them never calling if they don't need me, me finding better and better jobs to apply for, changing my mind about what i want to do, not applying for hte best things first. beuh. this sucks. i just want a job! full time! making alot of money! and (good) insurance!
sitting at home makes me want to be a stay at home mom, and just have babies, and take them on walks, and sew things, and sell them on etsy, but i don't want to have babies without insurance, and i can't get insurance without a (full-time) (long-term) job , and part of me just sort of wishes it weren't all up to me. getting pregnant, getting a job, you name it. ugh.

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